Top 6 reasons to outsource your payroll

There are many reason why companies outsource their payroll to Ezypay but the top six most common reasons are: Outsourcing lets you focus on your core business activities.  Payroll is a cost centre so it makes perfect sense to focus your staff on what gives you a return. You have access to Payroll Specialists who […]

Payroll Backup Planning

Possibly due to the spread of swine flu but we have been fielding quite a number of enquiries from companies asking if we provide any kind of a payroll backup service. Well the reality of the situation is its very hard to walk in and pick up someones payroll without any prior knowledge.  Even when […]

Have your say on the Holidays Act

From late July until early December the Holidays Act 2003 will be reviewed and any changes will most probably happen by the 1 April 2010. The Holidays Act 2003 is a major piece of legislation that impacts on everyone. If you wish to make a submission you can do so HERE.

HR Health Check

In-Sync Business Consulting offer Ezypay clients a free HR Health Check. They will review your HR practices in the following areas and help you implement improvements to your practices, or manage difficult issues to successful outcomes.  The things they look at in the review are: Recruitment Contracts of Employment HR Policies and Procedures Employee Issues […]

Employment Contracts, do you have them?

At our EzyBriefs meeting this morning we were given an outline of the services that our HR Advisors – In-Sync Business Consulting provide. During the discussion the point was raised that a large number of companies don’t have Employment Contracts, I hope you are not one of them. It is a statutory requirement for every […]

Payroll Outsourcing should be Ezy

There are many reasons why a company might outsource their payroll such as confidentiality; lack of resource; cost of software and time constraints. One other reason is that it is easy.  All you have to do is send us your employees timesheets and we do the rest so.  We key the timesheets, check the input […]

Changing Pay Frequency

Many companies are realising that they can save both money and time by only having to process pays every fortnight rather than every week. If you are on a weekly pay frequency and you want to change it then you must negotiate the change with your staff prior to making the change.  You are effectively […]

A new use for Sick Leave

We have just heard a wonderful story regarding how people have helped a fellow colleague who has got cancer. They have given their colleague some of their Sick Leave to help them during their recovery.  What a simple way to help someone.

Redundancy Payments

We are getting a few more requests to process Redundancy Payments which can include quite a number of different items. It is very useful for us when handling redundancy payments if you can send us the terms of the redundancy as this may affect how payments are treated, for example, should any bonuses be included […]