Difference between Australian and New Zealand Leave Entitlements and Calculations – Part 2 New Zealand

In New Zealand there is employment legislation called “Employment Relations Act 2000”, & “Holiday’s Act 2003”. The purpose of the employment relations act is to build productive employment relationships through the promotion of good faith in all aspects of the employment environment and of the employment relationship. This refers to both collective bargaining and individual […]

Difference between Australian and New Zealand Leave Entitlements and Calculations – Part 1 Australia

We are often asked what the differences are between New Zealand and our neighbours in Australia so hopefully the following helps in relation to Payroll Legilsation at least.  This post just covers Australia and a following one will outline New Zealand’s. In Australia there is employment legislation called “Fair Work Act 2009” Employees are covered […]

All payments must be made on termination

Employees must be paid when they terminate (or in the next normal payrun) all wages, holiday pay or money outstanding as per the Wages Protection Act 1983. An Employer may not deduct any money without the employees consent .This  should be stated in the employees contract and signed by both parties.

In Lieu of Notice Payments

In Lieu of  Notice payments  can be paid to an employee if the employer requests the employee to leave immediately once notice has been given.  The number of weeks to be paid is specified in the employment contract which should have been signed by both parties. Conversely, the employer may make deductions from the employees […]

Redundancy Payments

We are getting a few more requests to process Redundancy Payments which can include quite a number of different items. It is very useful for us when handling redundancy payments if you can send us the terms of the redundancy as this may affect how payments are treated, for example, should any bonuses be included […]