Do you have Payroll Backup?

We were asked by a company today if we could provide payroll cover if their payroll person caught swine flu which raises a number of issues.

It is quite surprising how many companies don’t have any continuity plan in place when it comes to payroll.  I have been involved with clients who require their payroll person to come back in when on leave in order to do the payroll.

Payroll is not an area where anyone can do it or is allowed to do it.  Issues such as confidentiality are important also with current payroll legislation its no longer a simple task.

So the outcome of the meeting was Yes, we would help, as best we can, but our clients will come first.

One of the reasons why a company might outsource their payroll is due to a guaranteed continuity of supply.  We are always here so if your team is away on leave, involved in an accident or ill then there is little disruption to the payroll process.

So do you have a payroll continuity plan in place in the event of your payroll person not been available?  If not then I suggest you start writing up a Process Manual on how your payroll works, who does what etc.   Or look to outsource your payroll and not worry about it.

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