At the end of the tax year we are frequently asked why an employee has a tax bill ( never a refund !!) to pay.  Naturally they find this very frustrating and would rather pay more tax each pay period than be landed with a tax bill. Under New Zealand’s current tax system we operate on […]

Handling PAYE payments

We have been fielding a large number of calls lately and one common question seems to be how we handle PAYE payments as a number of bureaus are taking the Gross pay from their clients, hanging onto the money, and then paying the IRD when due. Our preference is that you, the client, handles the […]

In Lieu of Notice Payments

In Lieu of  Notice payments  can be paid to an employee if the employer requests the employee to leave immediately once notice has been given.  The number of weeks to be paid is specified in the employment contract which should have been signed by both parties. Conversely, the employer may make deductions from the employees […]

Payroll Backup Planning

Possibly due to the spread of swine flu but we have been fielding quite a number of enquiries from companies asking if we provide any kind of a payroll backup service. Well the reality of the situation is its very hard to walk in and pick up someones payroll without any prior knowledge.  Even when […]

Handling Direct Credits

We often get asked if we can handle the Direct Credit arragements for our clients and the simple answer is yes. We use a system provided by the ASB Bank who provide a fantastic service.  You don’t need to be an ASB Bank customer in order to use their service. How it works is that […]

Calculating termination pay

We get a lot of phone calls as to why the amount showing on the Leave Reports for Annual Leave differs to the amount actually paid to an employee when they terminate. The answer is very simple, accrued leave is valued on the basis of the higher of Normal Pay or the Average Pay over […]

Does it matter that we are not based in Christchurch?

We handle payrolls for clients all over New Zealand as well as some from Australia.  With modern communication options it has no effect where you are based. Reports are e-mailed to you and payslips can be either e-mailed (all password protected) or security payslips get couriered to you.

Can you pay the PAYE for us?

Yes we can ensure the payment for your PAYE is completed on time.   We need to be handling the DC file for you in order to do this. We do charge a separate fee for this service.