Covid 19 – Paying your Staff, Kiwisaver, Casual Holiday Pay

Paying your staff If you are receiving the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy, you must try your hardest to pay the employee named in your application, at least 80% of their usual wages. If that isn’t possible, you need to pay at least the subsidy rate (ie, full-time or part-time). If your employee’s usual wages are less […]

2019 Tax Changes – effective from April 1st, 2019

There is not much happening Tax wise for the 2019/20 Tax Year, just four changes to do with payroll. ACC Earner Levy Threshold – The maximum income on which the ACC levy is applied is increased from $126,286 to $128,470. Student Loan Threshold – The Student Loan Threshold has increased to $19,760 or $380 per […]

Division over KiwiSavers future

It must be election time what with all the discussion that is happening over Kiwisaver at the moment.  Each party says they know best but in my view, the best and easiest thing that they could all do to Kiwisaver, is make the Employer’s Contributions tax-free again. Currently the Employer’s Contributions are taxed at the […]

New Feature – The ability to add and track any form of on-cost

When it comes to payroll there are a number of additional, often overlooked, costs which are directly related to the wages you pay your employees. The most common ‘add-on costs’ are Employers Kiwisaver and Annual Leave, that is these are employer costs which are incurred when an employee works.   Other add-on costs could be Employer […]


As from 01/07/09 if a KiwiSaver member passes away the beneficiary of the will is able to claim $15,000 of the members contribution without having to await probate.

Kiwisaver changes

The minimum employee contribution rate is reduced from 4% to 2% of gross salary or wages. Download our EzyBrief paper on it here – Kiwsaver Changes April 1st 2009 The default rate for new members joining after 1 April 2009 will be 2%, but existing members will retain their current contribution rate unless they elect […]