Annual Leave

The accrual of annual leave is very important both for the employee and the employer.  The employee wants to be assured they are receiving the correct amount of days  and the employer wants to be assured they are not paying too much.   For all employees on a permanent contract we need to know the number […]

Cashing up Annual Leave as at 01 April 2011

As from 01 April 2011 employees and employers can negotiate the cashing up of one weeks annual leave.  This leave is not accrued leave but outstanding leave ( leave that is 12 months old) see the link below for further info. Ezypay can send you a Cash-Up holiday Consent Form – just send an email […]

MYOB Satisfaction Survey

MYOB has increased their Annual Maintenance charges by 20% and want to charge even more for Support – Have your say by completing a survey from NZ Payrollers. MYOB currently charges the highest Annual Maintenance fees in New Zealand against comparable products.  They justify this by saying they do ‘continuous development’ but the reality is […]