We make the payroll process fast, efficient and stress-free in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: You send us your timesheets for the current pay. This includes any changes that need to be made, such as new employees.
Step 2: We process the information you provide us, importing the data from your timesheets.

Step 3: We send you a set of reports to review. We call these ‘approval reports’.

Step 4: You review the reports and if it’s all correct, you give us the thumbs up.

Step 5: Once confirmed, we then run a suite of reports called ‘confirmed reports’. These will include payslips, DC reports, leave balance reports and new timesheets for the next pay.


Payroll is “easy as” with Ezypay.

Our easy to use service is tailored to meet your every need, whether you’re a large established business, a small business in growth phase, or a new start-up. Working from a secure, offsite location, our experts will work with your team to collect only the data we need, minimising any disruption to your payroll operations.