Uber drivers – the latest decision in the contractor or employee debate

The Employment Court has ruled that four Uber drivers, who worked in both the ride sharing and the meal delivery services, were employees rather than independent contractors (E Tū Incorporated & another v Rasier Operations BV & others [2022] NZEmpC 192). This will have significant implications for minimum wage, holidays, sick leave, and other entitlements […]

Annual Leave

The accrual of annual leave is very important both for the employee and the employer.  The employee wants to be assured they are receiving the correct amount of days  and the employer wants to be assured they are not paying too much.   For all employees on a permanent contract we need to know the number […]

Child Support Changes to go ahead ……

The following  has been taken from the IRD’s website and will be of interest to some of your employees. Minister of Revenue Peter Dunne has announced that changes to the way the child support scheme is administered will proceed, with legislation likely to be introduced in the next few months. For more information see the […]

Easter Sunday is NOT a Public Holiday

There always seems to be a lot of confusion over whether Easter Sunday is  a Public Holiday and what your employees are entitled to be paid.  Easter Sunday is NOT treated as a public holiday under the Holidays Act 2003 – Refer to the informative  Department of Labour link below: http://www.dol.govt.nz/workplace/knowledgebase/item/1245