At the end of the tax year we are frequently asked why an employee has a tax bill ( never a refund !!) to pay.  Naturally they find this very frustrating and would rather pay more tax each pay period than be landed with a tax bill. Under New Zealand’s current tax system we operate on […]

Earthquake Tax Changes

After the September and March earthquakes some companies paid their employees an ex gratia payment to help them over this unsettling period.  Originally, the IRD deemed the payments were taxable but tax changes have been introduced to respectively fix this.  This applies to any payments made within 8 weeks of either earthquakes ( some conditions do apply) […]

Independent Earners Tax Credit (IETC)

From the 1 April 2009 the independent earner tax credit (IETC) will provide tax relief to middle-income New Zealanders who don’t receive core assistance from the government. IETC is a tax credit for individuals who earn between $24,000 and $48,000 and don’t receive: working for families tax credits, an income-tested benefit, NZ super or a […]

Minimum Wage Rates

The minimum wage increases from $12.00 per hour to $12.50 per hour from April 1st, 2009 and the minimum training and new entrants rate increases form $9.60 per hour to $10.00 per hour. The new entrants rate applies to those who are 16 and 17 years old.  It applies until such time as the employee […]