Payroll can be a minefield to navigate. It is a complex system that requires great care and proficiency. But employing specialist, in-house payroll staff can be costly. Outsourcing your payroll to experts like us can save you time and money that can be better spent elsewhere in your business, as well as helping to avoid costly errors.

When you partner with Ezypay, you eliminate the need to have qualified payroll staff on site, or to invest in expensive payroll software. Our secure and confidential service will ensure that payments, IRD filing and other payroll functions are completed correctly and on time.

We’ll deliver a payroll system tailored to suit the exact needs of your business. We can easily add new staff; maintain secure employee records; manage leave calculations and Kiwisaver deductions; provide confidential payslips to employees; and complete all reports required by the IRD and other third party service providers.

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