As is customary this time of year, new updates in relation to payroll come into place. Luckily, this year there is very little change, these are: The ACC Earner Levy Threshold increases from $122,063 to $124,053. This means that you do not need to pay ACC on earnings above $124,503, the rate remains at $1.39…



We are fully operational in Christchurch as most of the damage seems to be North of us.  If you are in the affected area and you don’t have access to internet, we will process your pay as best we can and do whatever we can to make sure it gets through as we fully understand…



Another story regarding a North Shore Food Court that underpaid their staff to the tune of $164,000.  They failed to pay staff for all hours worked and for leave etc. MBEI have stated ‘ignorance of NZ employment legislation is no excuse’ and ever employer must ensure staff are paid correctly, this is another perfect reason…



A farming trust was ordered to pay a minimum of $87,000 for not complying with Employment Legislation. They failed to keep proper timesheets, ensure staff were paid at least the minimum wage, all staff had an Employment Contract and failed to correctly account for working on Public Holidays. You can read the full article HERE!



ACC has decided to discontinue their Workplace Incentive Program as it has not led to a reduction in claims.  The program provided a discount on ACC Levies if you had a recognised ACC process in place.  Full details can be read here – faqs-workplace-incentive-products



On April 1st, 2016 the Employment Standards Bill came into force and one of the changes was around Timesheets.  The change was not new but more reinforcing and consolidating requirements in existence in other legislation.  The main point is that Employers MUST keep daily Timesheets for all waged based employees and any all salary based…



There are a number of propsed changes currently under review ith the Government around Parental Leave and a new law called the Employment Standards Bill which is an amendment to the Employment Relations Act. The attached link contains a presentation by Duncan Cotterill at the recenet New Zealand Payroll Conference.  Well worth a read by…



ACC has just released the attached Safety Newsletter to ensure everyone stays safe over the Christmas period. You can read the newsletter here SEN December 2015!  



Payroll Risk are the areas within the payroll function that can either cause payroll failure or payroll errors.  A recent review byt the New Zealand Payroll Practioners Association found the following areas to be where most payroll risk comes from; The wrong payroll system has been selected in the first place for the type of…



ACC is currently seeking your views on their levies etc.  Click HERE to share your views. Are you ready to have your say? Levy consultation for the 2016/17 year opens today and runs through until 5pm, Friday 30 October. Jump online, join the conversation, and let us know what you think – this is your…