Employment New Zealand Newsletter

Welcome to the Employment New Zealand newsletter. Here you will find the latest news and information about employment rights and responsibilities.   Some workers need to have their first vaccine by Friday 3 December Workers covered by the My Vaccine Pass mandate need to have their first dose by 3 December and be fully vaccinated […]

Everyday payroll questions, how many can you answer?

Can an employer decide not to provide the opportunity to cash up Annual Leave to employees? If an employee has annual, sick and alternative leave on Termination, which one(s) must be paid out? Do you have to pay an employee if they are on Jury Service? What period of gross earnings is the ‘extra pay’ […]

When to reach out to HR..

If you’ve ever had an issue at work (lol, so all of us), reaching out to human resources was likely not on your list of next steps. We’re all too familiar with the narrative that HR is not to be trusted and is there to protect the company… …or so we thought. In a recent […]

Answers for bosses around uneasy vaccination questions

Employer attention is increasingly focused on how to deal with the jab-reluctant in the workplace. Here are comprehensive answers to common questions… By Marie Wisker, Geoff Carter & Vonda Engels* As Covid-19 vaccination roll-out moves up a gear, employers are grappling with ways of dealing with the jab-reluctant in the workplace. The Government, through the […]

Do you know your true labour costs?

Most people understand that the agreed hourly rate or salary paid to an employee is just the start when it comes to determining the actual cost.  As you start adding in leave entitlements, Kiwisaver, training, ACC etc, the costs start going up and up.  It’s really important to know the real cost of employing staff, […]

Stop with the nonsense: Just tell the truth about why you won’t get a COVID vaccination – from USA TODAY

Stop with the nonsense: Just tell the truth about why you won’t get a COVID vaccination The most honest statement for anyone still resisting a vaccine is, “I don’t want to” and that’s it. Check out this story on usatoday.com: https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2021/09/14/covid-vaccines-just-tell-the-truth-about-why-you-arent-vaccinated-nicki-minaj/8333968002/