Payroll Backup Planning

Possibly due to the spread of swine flu but we have been fielding quite a number of enquiries from companies asking if we provide any kind of a payroll backup service.

Well the reality of the situation is its very hard to walk in and pick up someones payroll without any prior knowledge.  Even when we take on a new client in the Bureau it can take a couple of pays before we finally understand what the client wants.

However, in relation to providing payroll backup our clients don’t have to worry about it as Ezypay is the backup service and we certainly has sufficient staff to cover most situations but we can provider some help.

We have prepared a word document that you can download from HERE.  You should complete this document and keep it in a safe place so that in the event that your payroll person is not available then the new person has some idea as to what is going on.  Feel free to modify the document to meet your own requirements.

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