Be careful makeing a In Lieu of Notice deduction

An insulation company has no authority to demand wages from a greiving worker who failed to give two weeks’ notice he was leaving the company because of the sudden death of his father, the Employment Relations Authority says. Warm Kiwi International also sought wages paid to Alan Dowd for hours he worked away from approved […]

Wage Complaints, some industries are worse than others!

Agriculture, forestry and fishing are among the biggest offenders against two pieces of legislation designed to protect workers from being ripped off by their bosses. The sector topped a table of 19 industries for the number of complaints to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment relating to the Minimum Wage Act, and came second […]

Employment Cost Calculator

The Ministry of Business has just released a useful calculator that lets you see an estimate of the total cost of hiring staff.  It includes all the Add-On costs that are often forgotten such as Employer’s Kiwisaver, ACC and Recruitment costs.  It can be structured by Industry (limited scope) but is a useful tool to […]