Difference between Australian and New Zealand Leave Entitlements and Calculations – Part 2 New Zealand

In New Zealand there is employment legislation called “Employment Relations Act 2000”, & “Holiday’s Act 2003”. The purpose of the employment relations act is to build productive employment relationships through the promotion of good faith in all aspects of the employment environment and of the employment relationship. This refers to both collective bargaining and individual […]

Annual Leave

The accrual of annual leave is very important both for the employee and the employer.  The employee wants to be assured they are receiving the correct amount of days  and the employer wants to be assured they are not paying too much.   For all employees on a permanent contract we need to know the number […]

Holiday Pay Calculations

Holiday pay calculations have been a grey area in some employers eyes, however the Holidays Act has always specified that bonus and commission payments etc. paid on a regular basis need to be added to the holiday pay calculation. This article appeared in the Sunday Times over the weekend and may be of interest to you. […]

Have your say on the Holidays Act

From late July until early December the Holidays Act 2003 will be reviewed and any changes will most probably happen by the 1 April 2010. The Holidays Act 2003 is a major piece of legislation that impacts on everyone. If you wish to make a submission you can do so HERE.