Do you know your true labour costs?

Most people understand that the agreed hourly rate or salary paid to an employee is just the start when it comes to determining the actual cost.  As you start adding in leave entitlements, Kiwisaver, training, ACC etc, the costs start going up and up.  It’s really important to know the real cost of employing staff, […]

Types of Employment

There are many ways we define employees in relation to their Employment Type and below we look at each one.  We see many employers who employ staff on a Casual Employee Contract but in reality, when you look at the nature of their work (working every week, expected to work etc) then they are clearly […]

Canterbrians concerned about lost wages!

Quake affected Canterbrians are concerned they may suffer financially because of the number of workplaces closed for business. Unions say casual workers may be particularly affected. Prime Minister John Key says Work and Income and the Mayoral Fund are there to offer support for workers. He’s also had indications from some employers they’ll continue to […]