Thinking about Medical Insurance?

At Ezypay we are constantly looking at new ways to help our clients and one item that everyone should consider is Medical Insurance.

I’m sure everyone hears the reports of long waiting lists for operations, and in some cases people die before their operation comes up.  I was in a situation recently where I needed my Gall Bladder removed and luckily I had Medical Insurance so my Surgeon just scheduled the operation when it suited me.

Ezypay has negotiated with UniMed to provide all our clients special benefits not generally available unless you have more than 100 employees.  What we can offer you is a Group Status, even if you only have 1 employee who joins, which amounts great premium discounts as against paying it individually.

A comparison between Unimed and Souther Cross rates for someone aged 30 and 50 are below:

  • Mayor Surgical Base (Unimed) / VIP1 (SX)

Aged 30

Unimed:  $29.53 per month / SX:  $38.46 per month

Aged 50

Unimed:  $62.36 per month / SX:  $70.39 per month

  • Major Surgical Base + Option 2 / VIP2

Aged 30

Unimed:  $46.78 per month / SX:  $56.11 per month

Aged 50

Unimed:  $76.39 per month / SX:  $106.59 per month

As part of the Ezypay Medical Scheme you also qualify for:

  • Discounted “Group” premium rates (about 20% less than individual rates)
  • Immediate cover (no three month ‘no claim’ period)
  • Immediate cover for qualifying existing conditions
  • After three years continuous membership, qualifying pre-existing conditions are covered
  • You can add your partner and/or children to your plan, and
  • If you and your both sign up, premiums are calculated based on the younger of the two.

To see what is included in the Unimed cover have a look on their website HERE!

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