Ezypay NZ – revenge has been sweet!

For the last few years we have been plagued with irate phone callers yelling at us for taking money out of their account without any authority.  This is a reasonable reason to get upset but they had the wrong Ezypay.

A number of years ago an Australian company called Ezypay decided to setup shop here in New Zealand and much to our frustration they decided to trade here as Ezypay, even though that was our name and we had been here first.

Anyway, after many Lawyers letters telling them to stop trading under our name, which they ignored, and after taking many phone calls (as we own the 0800 EZY Pay number) and binning all of their mail that we receive, we have finally got things sorted.

We installed a new phone system recently and now we direct all calls to Ezypay NZ directly to their competition EziDebit, sweet eh!

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