New Feature – DC file for your IR345 Payments

Tax, love it, hate it, but you gotta pay it.  There are a number of options around how you can handle the tax payment (IR345) to Inland Revenue.

  1. We send you the IR345 report (remember we do the filing to the IRD for you) and you just use Internet Banking to make the payment.
  2. We process the payment for you.  This is only available to those clients where we currently do the DC payments via the ASB on their behalf.  We can also make your tax payments for you each month but we do charge $15 per payment.
  3. The latest feature, if we send you a DC file that your upload through your Banking Software, is that we can now send you a DC file for the IR345 payments  This will have all the information the IRD requires and the payments dates are set to either the 4th or the 19th, depending upon your frequency.  So, all you have to do to make your tax payments i upload the file and press go.

If you would like to be setup for this feature just send us an e-mail.

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