New Feature – Reminders

Trying to remember those critical dates in relation to your staff can be a real pain, especially when we do the payroll and you don’t have access to the data…but we now have a new option which we are just trialing.

Built into Platinum is a user definable Reminder System whereby we can create static reminders which will automatically send you an e-mail when key date have been reached.  We can setup both System Reminders which would go to everyone, or unique ones just for you.

They are date triggered and the date options are:

  • Birth Date
  • Company Start Date
  • Employment Date
  • Industry Start Date
  • Leave Service Date
  • Other Date – user definable

You can receive a prompt either on the specific anniversary date or x number of days before.  Possible examples are:

  • A reminder 2 days before someones birthday – so you can buy them a present
  • A reminder x days before someones Probation Period ends – so you can decide if you want to keep them!

If you would like us to setup some reminders then let us know, but we are still testing it.

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