Ezypay is getting behind Akimbo, will you?

Having survived the Canterbury Earthquakes eight years ago and then the EQC Trauma that followed, everyone in Canterbury is aware of what effect these can have on your mental fitness. It is no surprise that the stats for Canterbury around depression and anxiety are so high but rather than just sit and hope it gets better we decided to do something about it, that is why we teamed up with Akimbo to try and help as many people as possible.

The Akimbo app has been designed to build strong mental resilience through the use of targeted messages and one of the main missions behind it is to ensure there is a FREE version for all users so everyone can get some help regardless of their financial situation.

Akimbo has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise a bit of cash to finish the app (it is nearly all done) and ensure it delivers on its promises. Ezypay has got behind it but it needs all the help it can get so please have a read, watch the video and share. I’m sure many of you know someone who could benefit from Akimbo so now is the opportunity to help.

Although the Kickstarter campaign is marketed towards Young Adults but the App is not limited to this demographic. So please support this great initiative and help make a difference – click HERE for the Donation page.  To sign up for updates on Akimbo, click HERE


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