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Following our two rather large earthquakes, Christchurch is slowly, very slowly, getting back on its feet.

The majority of the CBD is still out of bounds but we have a great view of the Grand Chancellor and will be selling seats to watch it come down, when it finally happens.

Yesterday, Roger Sutton was appointed the head of CERA which I personally believe is the best thing to happen since the earthquake.  He is someone that everyone respects for his honesty, ability to cut through red tape, and a straight talking, no bullshit attitude plus he is a cyclist so hopefully with the rebuild cyclists will no longer be target practice .

Anyway, a website has been setup to encourage non Christchurch companies to support Christchurch Business, like us and we are very grateful for all your support.  If there is a way you could purchase something from a another Christchurch Business then that would be AWESOME.

You can view the site here >

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