Planning your Holiday Payrolls

We are quickly approaching that time of year again when our office looks like a paper mountain.  The Holiday season may be a welcome break for everyone (us included) but the weeks approaching Christmas are the busiest time of year for us as we have to process multiple payrolls for many clients.

Those clients that close down want us to process each pay period in advance, others have skeleton staff working so we get a mix of those on leave and a guess of how many hours are going to be worked etc.  Plus, as Monday and Tuesday will be Public Holidays then all payrolls that are usually paid these days must get paid the Friday prior.

On certain days leading up to Christmas our workload can quadruple in quantity, but somehow we always seem to get through.

Paula will be issuing a questionnaire to you all sometime soon to find out what your requirements are and from there we start planning the workload so now might be a good time to get your calendar our and work out what payrolls must be completed by when in order that everyone is paid in time for Christmas.

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