Introducing Christine Williamson to our team

My hat goes out to those people who have to recruit people on a regular basis and luckily for us, I only seem to have to do it one or twice every five years, as it is pretty hard work.

Anyway, we have been extremely lucky to source the services of Christine Williamson who has just moved back to Christchurch from Dunedin and brings with her a wealth of payroll knowledge.  Christine has previously worked as:

  1. The Payroll Administrator for Oceanagold in Dunedin
  2. A Payroll Administrator for the Invercargill City council
  3. The Payroll Officer for Wyma Engineering in Christchurch
  4. The Payroll/HR Officer for St John of God in Christchurch, to name just a few.

She was also involved in the running of a Payroll Bureau in Ashburton, so one could say, she knows the ropes.

Christine will be working from Monday to Wednesdays most weeks and as required on other days.  She will be attending the farewell drinks for Paula next Thursday, so if in Christchurch we hope to see you at the St Asaph’s Street bar from 1600 to 1800 on the 28th.

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