Everyday payroll questions, how many can you answer?

  • Can an employer decide not to provide the opportunity to cash up Annual Leave to employees?
  • If an employee has annual, sick and alternative leave on Termination, which one(s) must be paid out?
  • Do you have to pay an employee if they are on Jury Service?
  • What period of gross earnings is the ‘extra pay’ annualized calculation based on?
  • What is the maximum percentage of net earnings that can be deducted for child support?
  • Do annual leave accruals continue if someone is on Parental Leave?
  • Are casual employees entitled to Sick Leave?
  • If I work 5 hours on a Public Holiday, and accrue an Alternative Leave day, what is the maximum number of hours I can be paid when I take my Alternative Day?
  • Regular Discretionary Bonuses do not add to future leave calculations?
  • What multiplier is used to annualize the gross earnings for an extra pay calculations (paid weekly)?
  • Are you obliged to action a SLCIR deduction notice?
  • If working when daylight savings ends, do you have to pay an extra hour for time lost?
  • Who decides if an Allowance is taxable or non-taxable?
  • What is the ESCT rate based on?
  • Can an employee ‘opt-out’ of Kiwisaver after three months?
  • Is a Probationary and Trial Period the same thing?
  • How many years must you keep records under the Income Tax Act 2007?
  • If an employee can’t determine what tax code to use, should you just use the M one?
  • Do payments made under a Section 123 agreement add to leave calculations?
  • If you accidentally overpay an employee, how long can the employee take to pay it back?
  • Do you have to provide an employee a payslips every pay?
  • If an employee has 24 days of Entitled Annual leave and 10 Accrued, how many days can they Cash-Up?
  • In relation to the Covid Subsidy, can I pay an employee less than the amount we received each week?
  • If you get sick while on Annual Leave, should the day be treated as a Sick day?
  • If on Annual Leave over a period that includes a Public Holiday, do you get paid Annual Leave or a Stat Day?
  • If an employee fails to return their uniform on Termination, can you deduct the value of the uniform from their final pay?

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