Ezypay forms relationship with Australain Payroll Company

Over the years we have frequently been asked if we can provide payroll services for Australian based companies.

Although we have tried this, we have found that our knowledge of Australian Tax Law is not at a level we feel comfortable with so rather than trying to be all things to everyone we have formed an informal relationship with AussiePay in Australia.

We looked at many alternatives but found the costs to be astronomical but perferenece paid off.  AussiePay provides both a Bureau Service (similar to Ezypay) and also an online Payroll, called ePayroll where you can run your Aussie payroll online.

In both cases they submit all Tax Reports to the ATO and can also pay your employees on your behalf (a Payment Authority must be establised).  They can also pay the taxes for you once the Authority is in place.

If you have an Australian arm, or heading that way then we suggest you get in touch with AussiePay for all your bureau and/or online payroll requirements.

The contact person is:

Janette Francis and you can e-mail her at Janette.Francis@aussiepay.com.au, or call her on: + 61 2 8844 0777



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