Save valuable time and avoid costly errors

Ezypay provides a complete payroll management service for New Zealand businesses, removing the need for you to have suitably qualified payroll staff or invest in expensive payroll software.

Security and confidentiality are paramount. Only authorised contacts are provided with information, and our staff sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that this level of confidentiality is maintained.

Your data is password protected and secure backups are maintained off-site. Reports can be emailed to you with password encryption.

  • We remove the burden of payroll management.
  • Our services are completely secure and confidential.
  • Avoid payroll mistakes that cost time and money to correct.
  • Use our expertise in every area of payroll legislation.
  • No need to purchase and maintain payroll software.
  • Ensure continutiy of supply when you are away.
  • We liase with the IRD on your behalf.
  • We eliminate the overhead cost of running your own payroll dept.
  • We eliminate the risks involved in employing the wrong person.
  • No need to understand complex payroll legislation.
  • We handle your Direct Credits and Irfiling.
  • We handle all Kiwisaver deductions and payments.
  • We provide date driven reports as and when required.
  • We can interface with any General Ledger System.
  • Remove the need for staff training.
  • Web-based timesheet or spreadsheet timesheet entry.
  • All our clients are entitled to Group Rates on Medical Insurance, details HERE
  • Watch this video on YouTube on the benefits of outsourcing payroll…..

In recent years, legislation including the Holidays Act (2003) and the KiwiSaver act (2006) has increased the compliance requirements for businesses. This has increased the time that must be spent on payroll processing and on training payroll staff, as well as increasing the possibility of errors being made.

Outsourcing your payroll management to Ezypay makes your time available to be spent on your business’s core functions. Our team of payroll experts ensure that payments, IRD filing and other functions are completed correctly and on time. If required, Ezypay is also able to handle many of your payroll-related tax matters with Inland Revenue.

Read how we would process your payroll or learn about the people who will become your payroll experts.