Kelford Engineering

Steve Bamford wishes he’d gone to Ezypay for support with his company’s payroll years ago.

After coming across a few small glitches in his company’s payroll system 12 months back, the Kelford Engineering co-owner began asking other businesses how they managed their wages.

Ezypay was recommended and it’s been smooth sailing ever since they started working together.

I went and saw Justin and asked if he could thoroughly check our system,” Steve says. “He was really helpful, and we ended up with a better system as a result.”

For the past 27 years, Kelford Engineering has been installing, reconditioning, and servicing boilers in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. With a busy workload, overseas travel and overtime thrown into the mix, pay day often became a complicated task.

“We are engineers, not administrators,” Steve says. “We had an issue and we looked for independent advice. Now we don’t have any hassles around pay and the whole thing is much easier and economical.”

“I can’t speak highly enough of them. I wish we had done it years ago.”

Kelford Engineering senior service engineer and customer liaison Nic Gebbie manages the system for the team. He says staff are able to upload their timesheets easily, and if they want to check details, or book a holiday, they can now access the portal on their cellphones anytime.

It’s a very easy, straightforward process for us. Staff can submit their hours and if I’m in Christchurch or Australia, I can still approve them. Ezypay really live up to their name.”

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