Managing Payroll Risk

Payroll Risk are the areas within the payroll function that can either cause payroll failure or payroll errors.  A recent review byt the New Zealand Payroll Practioners Association found the following areas to be where most payroll risk comes from; The wrong payroll system has been selected in the first place for the type of […]

ACC wants your views

ACC is currently seeking your views on their levies etc.  Click HERE to share your views. Are you ready to have your say? Levy consultation for the 2016/17 year opens today and runs through until 5pm, Friday 30 October. Jump online, join the conversation, and let us know what you think – this is your […]

Difference between Australian and New Zealand Leave Entitlements and Calculations – Part 2 New Zealand

In New Zealand there is employment legislation called “Employment Relations Act 2000”, & “Holiday’s Act 2003”. The purpose of the employment relations act is to build productive employment relationships through the promotion of good faith in all aspects of the employment environment and of the employment relationship. This refers to both collective bargaining and individual […]

Difference between Australian and New Zealand Leave Entitlements and Calculations – Part 1 Australia

We are often asked what the differences are between New Zealand and our neighbours in Australia so hopefully the following helps in relation to Payroll Legilsation at least.  This post just covers Australia and a following one will outline New Zealand’s. In Australia there is employment legislation called “Fair Work Act 2009” Employees are covered […]

Employee Status Error costs Canterbury Student Association $15k

The University of Canterbury Students Association has been asked to repay employees after it breached their holiday pay entitlements. The students association (UCSA) was issued with an improvement notice after receiving a complaint from a former employee who claimed he had not received the correct entitlements for annual leave and sick leave. A Labour Inspectorate […]

Changes to Paid Parental Leave

Changes to Paid Parental Leave (PPL) will come into effect on April 1st, 2015. These changes extend the maximum amount payable from 14 to 16 weeks.  The changes apply to an employee or self-employed person if: The expected date of delivery of their child is on or after April 1st, 2015, but the child is […]

Minimum Wage Rate to Increase to $14.75 from April 1st, 2015

The adult minimum wage will increase from $14.25 to $14.75 an hour from April 1, Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Woodhouse said today. The starting out and training hourly minimum wages will also rise, by 40c to $11.80 an hour – 80 per cent of the adult minimum wage. This change will take effect […]

Be careful makeing a In Lieu of Notice deduction

An insulation company has no authority to demand wages from a greiving worker who failed to give two weeks’ notice he was leaving the company because of the sudden death of his father, the Employment Relations Authority says. Warm Kiwi International also sought wages paid to Alan Dowd for hours he worked away from approved […]