New Report – Average Daily Hours

We have just added a new report called the Average Daily Hours Report. This is a great report if you are keen to see what hours people are working on specific days over any number of weeks.  It could be used when you want to work out the Average Hours worked on a specific day […]

New Feature – Reminders

Trying to remember those critical dates in relation to your staff can be a real pain, especially when we do the payroll and you don’t have access to the data…but we now have a new option which we are just trialing. Built into Platinum is a user definable Reminder System whereby we can create static […]

New Feature – DC file for your IR345 Payments

Tax, love it, hate it, but you gotta pay it.  There are a number of options around how you can handle the tax payment (IR345) to Inland Revenue. We send you the IR345 report (remember we do the filing to the IRD for you) and you just use Internet Banking to make the payment. We […]

New Feature – The ability to add and track any form of on-cost

When it comes to payroll there are a number of additional, often overlooked, costs which are directly related to the wages you pay your employees. The most common ‘add-on costs’ are Employers Kiwisaver and Annual Leave, that is these are employer costs which are incurred when an employee works.   Other add-on costs could be Employer […]

Annual Leave

The accrual of annual leave is very important both for the employee and the employer.  The employee wants to be assured they are receiving the correct amount of days  and the employer wants to be assured they are not paying too much.   For all employees on a permanent contract we need to know the number […]

Paid Parental Leave ( PPL)

The maximum paid Parental Leave increased from  the 1st of July 2012 from $458.82 ti $475.16.  PPL is availabe for a period of 14 weeks.  The employee is entilted to either their gross weekly pay or the maximum of $475.16 which ever is the lowest rate.

Student Loan Scheme Amendment Bill ( No 2)

This makes for interesting reading, a lot of us either have a student loan or have children with student loans. I have copied this directly from  an email  I have received from the IRD. If you are interested in receiving these emails,  please let me know and I can forward the link to you where you […]