Survey Time

As mentioned previously, over the next few weeks we intend to call all our clients to conduct a short survey.  It should take about 10 minutes, 15 max and it’s aim is to see how we can improve our service so that you spend the minimum amount of time processing payroll. We are also interested […]

New Capability to handle DC Payments

Up until this month, the only way we could handle the DC Payments for clients was via a Letter of Credit arrangement between your bank and the ASB Payment Management Service.  This involved creating a lending facility with your bank and incurred ongoing fees. They have now introduced a new option for those clients where […]

IRD PAPER FORMS – IR 345 and IR 348

The IRD are very good at wasting not only paper but postage as well.  Ezypay as your payroll provider electronically file your IR 345 and IR 348 on your behalf either bi monthly or monthly ( unless you have specifically requested as not to ) If you have been receiving paper copies of these forms […]

Le Cafe is re-opening soon

For those of you from Christchurch I’m sure you lamented the loss of Le Cafe after the earthquakes.  Where else could you go and get a decent coffee, desert, drink, and food after midnight! Well, the people behind Le Cafe are about to re-open in Christchurch (not in the same place) under a new name […]