Managing Payroll Risk

Payroll Risk are the areas within the payroll function that can either cause payroll failure or payroll errors.  A recent review byt the New Zealand Payroll Practioners Association found the following areas to be where most payroll risk comes from; The wrong payroll system has been selected in the first place for the type of […]

Difference between Australian and New Zealand Leave Entitlements and Calculations – Part 2 New Zealand

In New Zealand there is employment legislation called “Employment Relations Act 2000”, & “Holiday’s Act 2003”. The purpose of the employment relations act is to build productive employment relationships through the promotion of good faith in all aspects of the employment environment and of the employment relationship. This refers to both collective bargaining and individual […]

Difference between Australian and New Zealand Leave Entitlements and Calculations – Part 1 Australia

We are often asked what the differences are between New Zealand and our neighbours in Australia so hopefully the following helps in relation to Payroll Legilsation at least.  This post just covers Australia and a following one will outline New Zealand’s. In Australia there is employment legislation called “Fair Work Act 2009” Employees are covered […]

Kiwis will work 123 days to pay their taxes.

Did you know the average Kiwi has to work 123 days to pay their taxes. Tuesday the 3rd of May is when we start working for ourselves and not for  the Government. We compare poorly against Australia who have a Tax Freedom Day of April 19th but are leaps ahead of  Norway with their Tax […]

Cloud Computing – What is it all about?

ast month, Peter Thomas from Nexus Data Backup gave a talk to a group of us about the future of computing, or more specifically the development of Cloud Computing. The following are his notes. You can contact Peter on 0800 14 11 14 if you wish to discuss this article and/or Online Data Backups.

Ezypay Coffee Morning with ACC

Nick Hau from ACC came along this morning to Ezypay’s coffee morning at Le Cafe for an informal discussion with our clients.  Nick gave us a informative insight into ACC and why we need to pay our ACC levies and how they are utilised.  It certainly gave me a better understanding of where our hard […]

Flexible Working Conditions

We were asked by a number of our clients what the process is in relation to negotiating flexible working conditions.  This has mainly come about in relation to providing a good retention strategy. In-Sync Business Consulting prepared this EzyBrief on the topic – Flexible Working Conditions

Kiwisaver changes

The minimum employee contribution rate is reduced from 4% to 2% of gross salary or wages. Download our EzyBrief paper on it here – Kiwsaver Changes April 1st 2009 The default rate for new members joining after 1 April 2009 will be 2%, but existing members will retain their current contribution rate unless they elect […]